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Jenn + Matt | Wedding | Cescaphe Ballroom

I was asked by Philly photographer Jeff Shurak if I could help him cover a wedding of personal friends Jenn and Matt. Of course I was totally excited and it was an awesome wedding day in Philadelphia. We started with some pre-wedding photos at the Sheraton Hotel in Society Hill, then trollied it over to The Church of the Holy Trinity for a beautiful ceremony, followed by some city shots around the art museum and Northern Liberties, and we landed at the Cescaphe Ballroom for an elaborate and exquisite reception. Congratulations to this awesome and fun couple. A big thanks to Jeff Shurak for having me.

Photo time :)

IMG_0033edit2 IMG_0036edit1 IMG_2105edit1 IMG_0045edit1 IMG_0051edit4 IMG_2097edit3 IMG_0066edit4 IMG_2101edit2 IMG_0078edit2 IMG_0059edit3 IMG_0067edit2 IMG_2119edit3 IMG_2106edit1 IMG_2109edit4 IMG_0085edit1 IMG_2138edit1 IMG_2151edit1 IMG_0087edit3 IMG_2167edit1 IMG_2171edit2 IMG_2169edit1 IMG_2177edit2 IMG_0094edit1 IMG_0099edit1 IMG_2222edit1 IMG_0104edit3 IMG_2228edit2 IMG_2207edit1 IMG_2232edit2 IMG_0105edit3 IMG_2238edit3 IMG_2244edit4 IMG_2255edit3 IMG_2258edit2 IMG_0115edit2 IMG_2264edit3 IMG_0121edit2 IMG_0119edit2 IMG_2318edit3 IMG_2295edit2 IMG_2381edit1 IMG_2386edit1 IMG_0129edit2 IMG_0136edit1 IMG_0137edit2 IMG_0139edit2 IMG_0142edit2 IMG_0143edit2 IMG_2419edit1 IMG_0149edit4 IMG_0138edit2 IMG_0153edit3 IMG_0163edit1 IMG_0166edit1 IMG_0168edit3 IMG_2409edit1 IMG_0183edit4 IMG_2444edit4 IMG_0190edit3 IMG_0202edit2



IMG_0216edit5 IMG_0218edit3 IMG_0220edit1 IMG_0227edit6 IMG_0231edit1 IMG_0232edit1 IMG_0235edit1 IMG_0240edit5 IMG_0238edit4 IMG_0230edit1 IMG_2467edit1 IMG_2475edit3 IMG_2476edit2 IMG_2488edit2 IMG_2491edit1 IMG_2493edit3 IMG_0256edit1 IMG_2564edit1 IMG_2497edit1 IMG_2565edit1 IMG_2539edit2 IMG_2517edit1 IMG_2503edit1 IMG_2546edit1 IMG_2555edit1 IMG_0281edit4 IMG_0266edit1 IMG_0293edit1 IMG_0335edit1 IMG_2611edit1 IMG_0349edit4 IMG_0352edit3 IMG_0358edit2 IMG_0362edit4 IMG_8970edit4 IMG_0367edit1 IMG_0386edit3 IMG_0397edit1 IMG_0409edit1 IMG_0410edit1 IMG_2685edit1 IMG_2696edit1 IMG_2651edit1 IMG_2705edit1 IMG_2714edit1 IMG_2721edit1 IMG_2728edit1 IMG_2733edit1 IMG_2635edit2

Much love.

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